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Borosilicate (Clear Pyrex) Glass

Dichroic Borosilicate Strip New

Momka's Borosilicate Glass Rods

Price list includes GST 10% - Prices Effective April 2011

Rods are 1/2 metre long and weigh approx 25 gram to 50 gram.
1/4 lb is equal to 113.4 grams

Momka's Borosilicate Glass has a C.O.E of 32-33.
Annealing Temperature 560-570 deg C hold for 30-40 minutes

Code Colour   Price per gram  
MB011 Cobalt Blue $0.16 Order Form MB011
Cobalt Blue Colour Tips
Cobalt Blue is one of the easiest colors to work with. Works great for all applications.
MB012 Blue Lightning $0.22 Order Form MB012
Blue Lightning Colour Tips
A cobalt based color that strikes to opal with greens, blues, whites and purples.
MB013 Rainbow Blue $0.16 Order Form MB013
Rainbow Blue Colour Tips
Nice dark blue glass with violet overtones and a light reduction.
MB014 Blue Reflection $0.22 Order Form MB014
Blue Reflection Colour Tips
Striking color with very a nice light green, blue and purple.
MB015 Silky Satin Blue $0.26 Order Form MB015
Silky Satin Blue Colour Tips
A very stable deep rich blue with a touch of green that works in all flames. When encased has a light silky sheen.
MB016 Lustrous Blue $0.26 Order Form MB016
Lustrous Blue Colour Tips
A very stable deep rich blue with a touch of green, easy to work with, with a great sparkle and an opalized pearlescence when encased.
MB017 Crystal Blue $0.22 Order Form MB017
Crystal Blue Colour Tips
This is a very nice transparent blue. So smooth. Use an oxidizing flame. Will get red wisps if reduced.
MB018 Blue Flambe $0.26 Order Form MB018
Blue Flambe Colour Tips
One of our newest colors.
MB021 Sunshine Yellow $0.22 Order Form MB021
Sunshine Yellow Colour Tips
A beautiful opal that works great for all applications but must be heated carefully to prevent boiling.
MB022 Exotic Citrus $0.24 Order Form MB022
Exotic Citrus Colour Tips
Nice lemon color. Blows out nice and easy. Lovely yellow with some amber colors coming through.
MB023 Exotic Citrus Grapefruit $0.24 Order Form MB023
Exotic Citrus Grapefruit Colour Tips
This is the most red of the Exotic Citrus family. "Strikes easily, with lovely pinks, reds and creamy greens.
MB024 Lemon Yellow   $0.24 Order Form MB024
Lemon Yellow Colour Tips
MB031 Sunset Orange $0.22 Order Form MB031
Sunset Orange Colour Tips
An opaque orange that works great for all applications.
MB032 Pumpkin $0.22 Order Form MB032
Pumpkin Colour Tips
A strong orange with just a hint of green that works great for all applications. Slightly darker than Sunset Orange.
MB041 Pistachio $0.32 Order Form MB041
Pistachio Colour Tips
A beautiful light yellow-green translucent color. Stunning base color for beads as well as being a great backdrop for other colors. Work cool for deep encasements to minimize bubbling.
MB0411 Green Flambe $0.26 Order Form MB0411
Green Flambe Colour Tips
This is one of our newest colors and is a green, blue silver color that works well in any flame and reduces well.
MB042 Guacamole $0.22 Order Form MB042
Guacamole Colour Tips
A nice saturated opaque green. Use a gentle neutral flame. Less yellow than Martini Olive.
MB043 Sea Green $0.22 Order Form MB043
Sea Green Colour Tips
Light to medium transparent color that will not reduce.
MB044 Green Pearl $0.22 Order Form MB044
Green Pearl Colour Tips
A mossy color that is easy to work with and has great sparkle and a silky sheen.
MB045 Martini Olive $0.22 Order Form MB045
Martini Olive Colour Tips
It is the lighter of our opaque green family. Care must be taken to prevent boiling. Use neutral flame.
MB046 Green Envy $0.22 Order Form MB046
Green Envy Colour Tips
A very nice transparent cedar green that develops faint wispy blue veils under a strong oxidizing flame. Under a neutral flame any exposed surface tends to opacity whereas the interior surfaces develop a range of colors from tan to blue. Reduction will give an opaque tan to exposed surfaces. Clear encased interior surfaces develop a beautiful reflective blue color.
MB047 Ivy Green $0.24 Order Form MB047
Ivy Green Colour Tips
This is a beautiful rich opaque green. A true green, and very friendly.
MB048 Silver Pine $0.24 Order Form MB048
Silver Pine Colour Tips
This is a nice green with silver in it. An opaque, and you can achieve some lovely blue and green transparent luster's.
MB049 Green Dragon $0.24 Order Form MB049
Green Dragon Colour Tips
A beautiful semi-transparent green with a sparkle. No reducing problems. Super easy glass to work.
MB051 Plum Harvest $0.22 Order Form MB051
Plum Harvest Colour Tips
Dark transparent violet that works like butter.
MB052 Silver Iris $0.22 Order Form MB052
Silver Iris Colour Tips
A beautiful transparent purple that is not affected by strong oxidizing / reduction flame. Gets a lovely blue/purple haze with annealing, and nice blue wisps.
MB053 Violet Iris $0.22 Order Form MB053
Violet Iris Colour Tips
Has a lot less silver than Silver Iris, but you can still get slight silver wisps. Great for thick applications.
MB061 Black Rose $0.22 Order Form MB061
Black Rose Colour Tips
An intense black with a dark rose violet undertone. Use neutral flame to the best effect.
MB062 Obsidian $0.22 Order Form MB062
Obsidian Colour Tips
A strong dark cobalt blue that does not thin out.
MB063 Alaska Night $0.22 Order Form MB063
Alaska Night Colour Tips
Blue-black striking color that changes into black, blue, gray, dark purple and bright blue. It is wonderful for all applications. A fun color to work with that can develop a silver reflectiveness with a metallic sheen.
MB071 Silver Beach $0.22 Order Form MB071
Silver Beach Colour Tips
A fast-striking purple that is great for all applications. Oxidizing and neutral flames will give you dark purples, amber, yellows and blues.
MB072 Light Purple Haze $0.22 Order Form MB072
Light Purple Haze Colour Tips
Nice light transparent yellow with a purple haze that can develop a light white and yellow mix. A reducing flame will give the surface a metallic sheen.
MB073 Silver Tears $0.24 Order Form MB073
Silver Tears Colour Tips
Encased under oxidizing flame gives transparent golden amber veils with a faint bluish reflective quality and you can get a mirroring iridescence on their surface. Inside outs can give anything from amber to steel grays. Under neutral flame, surface colors can go a little darker.
MB074 Almond Nugget $0.24 Order Form MB074
Almond Nugget Colour Tips
A light almond colored glass that when encased and using an oxidizing flame has inside veils of ambers to wispy blues but becomes more opaque with a reducing flame. Un-encased colors are lighter amber. Pulls thin. Stays creamy. Nice for deep encasements.
MB075 Magic Mirror $0.24 Order Form MB075
Magic Mirror Colour Tips
Blown out, it tends to be a nice amber honey color. Outside work, with an oxidizing flame, gives a slight mirroring and iridescence. Inside veils have a reflective quality to them. With a reducing flame the outside surface turns dark and more opaque.
MB076 Purple Thunder $0.24 Order Form MB076
Purple Thunder Colour Tips
This is a wonderful striking purple. Lovely purples with a oxidizing flame. Blues and whites with a reduction flame.
MB077 Stormy Weather $0.28 Order Form MB077
Stormy Weather Colour Tips
A Blockbuster!!! An absolutely stunning opaque silver color that is smooth and buttery to work. Purples, blues, violets, fuchsia, greens and earth tones are possible in either rich deep color or pastel variations. Easy to strike.
MB078 Silver Flambe $0.26 Order Form MB078
Silver Flambe Colour Tips
One of our newest colors, this silver color works well in any flame, reduces well, and produces almost every color of the rainbow.
MB079 Yellow Pearl $0.24 Order Form MB079
Yellow Pearl Colour Tips
One of our newest colors. If this is worked long and hot, it will turn a beautiful ivory.
MB091 Charles Brown $0.22 Order Form MB091
Charles Brown Colour Tips
Dark translucent brown. Very smooth.
MB092 Brown Glitter $0.26 Order Form MB092
Brown Glitter Colour Tips
Intense sparkle! Very nice Brown glitter color. Don't over work or deep incase. Color is very consistent. Brilliant!
MB101 Cinnabar $0.22 Order Form MB101
Cinnabar Colour Tips
A striking color that is a dark shade of ruby. It develops its permanent color while working and will not overstrike.
MB102 Carmen Red $0.22 Order Form MB102
Carmen Red Colour Tips
This is a brilliant rich red that works easily and is stable. However, it can lose intensity if it is overheated. Carmen Red needs to be worked with an oxidizing flame. It works well in all applications and is very good for inside out work.
MB103 Cherry Brandy $0.22 Order Form MB103
Cherry Brandy Colour Tips
An earthy red opaque color. Also a striking color.
MB104 American Beauty $0.26 Order Form MB104
American Beauty Colour Tips
Beautiful striking red. Works well in deep encasements. Nice for surface work. Fast self striking. Unencased can give you some blue/purple sheens. Can be classified as a transparent red, but you can get very deep transparent reds.
MB111 Autumn Leaves $0.26 Order Form MB111
Autumn Leaves Colour Tips
Opaque red, orange, yellow and green combined into one rod. The glass works great in all applications. This color makes a fast and beautiful cane when twisted.
MB1110 Infinity 111 $0.32 Order Form MB1110
Infinity 111 Colour Tips
Stripes of vibrant blue and bright yellow make up this multi colored rod of glass. Stays stable in deep encasements. This color is a nice addition to the Infinity series.
MB1111 Cirque $0.32 Order Form MB1111
Cirque Colour Tips
Beautiful blue red and tan combo that puts you in the mood for Carnivale! Stable and beautiful in deep encasements. Smooth and easy to use
MB1112 Yellow Submarine $0.32 Order Form MB1112
Yellow Submarine Colour Tips
This one is similar to Infinity II. Only this wonderful rod has thicker stripes of yellow and blue. Which yields different results. Works beautifully in deep encasements. Melts easily and smooth
MB1113 Mystic Rose $0.32 Order Form MB1113
Mystic Rose Colour Tips
Stripes of a wonderful rose color separated by clear makes up this cane. With proper striking you can achieve dark red/pink colors. Also some light creamy almost yellow hues are possible.
MB1114 Greener Trails $0.32 Order Form MB1114
Greener Trails Colour Tips
This color is variations of greens and greenish whites all separated by clear. It makes great latticinos. Itメs lovely for beads.
MB1115 Aurora Trails   $0.32 Order Form MB1115
Aurora Trails Colour Tips
This multi-color glass of predominantly blues, reds, greens and white is a striking rod.
MB1116 Orchard Plum   $0.32 Order Form MB1116
Orchard Plum Colour Tips
This new multi-color has delightful amber-rose to plum with swirls of blue and silver. Very smooth consistency and good in all applications.
MB1117 Marlee 2   $0.32 Order Form MB1117
Marlee 2 Colour Tips
Multi-color rod of classic colors ヨ red, gold and green separated by obsidian. Each of the colors is covered with clear to prevent cracking. Use a cool flame if you want to keep these vivid colors.
MB112 Moonlight Sonata $0.26 Order Form MB112
Moonlight Sonata Colour Tips
Wonderful hues of blues, reds, whites and greens with a wispy pearly stripe. The glass works great in all applications. This color makes a fast and beautiful cane when twisted.
MB113 Rapsody In Blue $0.26 Order Form MB113
Rapsody In Blue Colour Tips
A symphony of cool hues: moody blues, emeralds and teals that dance and swirl through the rod. The glass works great inside and out encased and un-encased. And makes a beautiful cane when twisted.
MB114 Autumn Swirl $0.26 Order Form MB114
Autumn Swirl Colour Tips
Red and green combined into one rod for a late autumn look. The glass works great inside and out. And makes a beautiful cane when twisted.
MB115 Caribbean Coral $0.24 Order Form MB115
Caribbean Coral Colour Tips
This is a reddish color, with a wonderful array varying from salmon, corals, lavenders, purples, blues and even soft browns. Bolder colors can be achieved with flame striking.
MB1151 Violet Hue   $0.32 Order Form MB1151
Violet Hue Colour Tips
MB116 Infinity $0.28 Order Form MB116
Infinity Colour Tips
This glass has eight distinct bands of color separated by clear. Mutable blues and greens, as well as striking reds and silver colors. Makes a beautiful and distinct swirl when twisted. Very friendly.
MB117 Infinity II Coral Snake $0.28 Order Form MB117
Infinity II Coral Snake Colour Tips
This color uses the same technology as the infinity with different colors. This one we playfully call Coral Snake. It's a Yellow/Dark Blue/reddish combination.
MB118 Gypsy Queen $0.28 Order Form MB118
Gypsy Queen Colour Tips
Wonderful Multi rod. It's the colors of the rainbow, with 3 striking lines. Each color has a thin clear incasement. There are no boiling or bubbling problems associated with this glass.
MB119 Blue Treasure $0.32 Order Form MB119
Blue Treasure Colour Tips
This multi-color glass offers blues and yellows that combine to make a wonderful murrini for flowers, jellyfish caps and realistic eyes that work best with a contrasting color. A myriad of color effects when deep encased. Experiment with this one; twisties, stringer, ghostly effects are all great. A favorite for ring making.
MB131 Marlee $0.28 Order Form MB131
Marlee Colour Tips
This is a classic. Red, Gold and Green, all separated by Obsidian. Sure to be everyone's new favorite color.
MB132 Amethyst Ice $0.28 Order Form MB132
Amethyst Ice Colour Tips
Two bands each of a dark black plum color and a high silver cream/white color.
MB133 Halloween $0.28 Order Form MB133
Halloween Colour Tips
Just in time for the holidays! this rod has 2 stripes of orange, 2 stripes of black, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB134 Xmas $0.28 Order Form MB134
Xmas Colour Tips
Just in time for the holidays! this rod has 2 stripes of red, 2 stripes of green, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB135 Silver Dance $0.28 Order Form MB135
Silver Dance Colour Tips
This rod consist of 4 stripes of different colors all containing silver. The effects change depending on the application. Inside out you can achieve blacks and greens as well as some purple and reds. This is a multicolored stick so you can make instant latticino
MB136 Matador $0.28 Order Form MB136
Matador Colour Tips
This rod is very similar to Halloween. Only it has 2 stripes of red and 2 stripes of a darker black, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB137 Apache $0.32 Order Form MB137
Apache Colour Tips
This is a world wind of yellows, reds and oranges all separated with a bit of black. This color is deep and intense.
MB141 Silver Aqua $0.28 Order Form MB141
Silver Aqua Colour Tips
Bands of a beautiful, high silver color, with a blue tint. It's trapped in clear to protect the metals. An infinite array of colors is possible with this color, from blue greens to purple.
MB151 Sunflower $0.37 Order Form MB151
Sunflower Colour Tips
Sunny rich yellow sunflowers with dark centers smile at you as you use this glass. Very nice when coiled or used in latticino. Stable, but likes to be worked with a soft flame in deep encasements to avoid bubbling. This is a favorite to double as a murrini chip.
MB152 Gerber-Pink $0.37 Order Form MB152
Gerber-Pink Colour Tips
Blushes from a rich rose red to a creamy coral pink. The most realistic flower murrini of the series. In some applications, hints of purple and blue are possible.
MB153 Gerber-Red $0.37 Order Form MB153
Gerber-Red Colour Tips
The cross section of this one is a bold red daisy with a yellow and black center. Flowers made from this murrini stand out! Can also be made into a latticino and is beautiful in coiled beads. Works for deep encasements, but use a soft neutral flame to avoid boiling.
MB154 Antique Beauty $0.32 Order Form MB154
Antique Beauty Colour Tips
This color is mind blowing. Each little stripe of color will gradate how it strikes giving you such a variety of colors in each stick. The colors in this cane will range from bright creamy yellows to deep purples with hints of read and fuchsias along the way.
MB155 Cherry blossom   $0.32 Order Form MB155
Cherry blossom Colour Tips
Challenge series color with pinks, reds, ambers and white can strike to deeper reds; very versatile and easy to use.
MB156 Gerber Orange   $0.37 Order Form MB156
Gerber Orange Colour Tips
Challenge series color with vivid orange stripes is easy to use and versatile.
MB157 Forget Me Not   $0.37 Order Form MB157
Forget Me Not Colour Tips
Challenge series color with blue stripes and subtle yellow centers make fantastic murrini, twisties and wraps.
MB162 Palitra Orange   $0.32 Order Form MB162
Palitra Orange Colour Tips
MB171 Encased Carmen Red   $0.32 Order Form MB171
Encased Carmen Red Colour Tips
MB000 Single Colour Rods - Sample Pack   $45.00 Order Form MB000
Single Colour Rods - Sample Pack Colour Tips
MB000a Multi Colour Rods - Sample Pack   $56.50 Order Form MB000a
Multi Colour Rods - Sample Pack Colour Tips
Borosilicate (Clear Pyrex) Tubing & Rod . Case prices can be provided on request.

Price list includes GST 10% - Prices Effective April 2011

Abbreviations:   lw - Light Wall   mw - Medium Wall  hw - Heavy Wall

Borosilicate TUBING [1.5 metre length]
SIZE O.D x mm Wall Thickness 1-4 Lengths 5-9 Lengths 10 plus Lengths  
11mm x 2.2 hw $6.48 $6.04 $5.66 Order Form
12mm x 1.5 mw $5.28 $4.95 $4.62 Order Form
13mm x 2.2 hw $7.99 $7.50 $7.00 Order Form
16mm x 2.5 hw $11.32 $10.62 $9.90 Order Form
19mm x 1.8 mw $10.38 $9.74 $9.09 Order Form
22mm x 1.8 mw $12.20 $11.43 $10.67 Order Form
24mm x 1.8 mw $13.42 $12.57 $11.74 Order Form
24mm x 2.5 hw $17.97 $16.83 $15.71 Order Form
26mm x 1.8 mw $16.09 $15.13 $14.12 Order Form
28mm x 2.0 mw $17.42 $16.34 $15.25 Order Form
28mm x 2.8 hw $23.67 $22.19 $20.71 Order Form
30mm x 2.0 mw $18.79 $17.62 $16.44 Order Form
32mm x 2.0 mw $23.46 $22.00 $20.53 Order Form
32mm x 2.8 hw $32.05 $30.04 $28.04 Order Form
34mm x 2.0 mw $25.01 $23.45 $21.88 Order Form
36mm x 2.0 mw $26.58 $24.92 $23.25 Order Form
40mm x 2.3 mw $34.02 $31.89 $29.77 Order Form
44mm x 2.3 mw $37.51 $35.19 $32.92 Order Form
46mm x 2.3 mw $39.49 $37.03 $34.55 Order Form
48mm x 3.2 hw $55.91 $52.41 $48.93 Order Form
50mm x 3.5 mw $63.62 $59.65 $48.93 Order Form
50mm x 5.0 hw $87.84 $82.33   Order Form
Borosilicate RODS [1.5 metre length]
SIZE O.D 1-4 Lengths 5-9 Lengths 10 plus Lengths  
5mm $1.10 special price till gone Order Form
6mm $3.34 $3.13 $2.92 Order Form
7mm $4.41 $4.00 $3.77 Order Form
8mm $6.16 $5.77 $5.39 Order Form
9mm $7.77 $7.02 $6.80 Order Form
10mm $9.62 $9.03 $8.43 Order Form
12mm $14.04 $13.20 $12.32 Order Form
14mm $19.27 $18.07 $16.86 Order Form
16mm $24.40 $22.87 $21.34 Order Form
18mm $30.06 $28.18 $26.31 Order Form
20mm $37.15 $34.83 $32.50 Order Form
22mm $44.92 $42.12 $39.31 Order Form
24mm $53.49 $50.15 $46.80 Order Form